Yoga, grounded in living tradition.

200-HR Teacher Training (with stand-alone modules)


[This program can be taught as an integrated 200-HR course of study or as single stand-alone modules on the topics listed below.]

If your life has been enriched by the practice of yoga, deepen your understanding of the tradition’s many aspects through the 200-HR Teacher Training course beginning. This three-month program will provide you a comprehensive foundation to teach yoga, understand its history and philosophy, and more fully integrate the practice of yoga into your life.


Many teacher certification programs focus on only a narrow set of skills with little connection to the yoga tradition. By contrast, this curriculum connects you with an ancient and living tradition of yoga, meditation, and Tantra. Our program is inspired by the teachings of Rod Stryker, world-renown Master Teacher and founder of ParaYoga®, and is grounded in the authentic and living spiritual lineage of the Himalayan Tantric tradition.

This teacher training program conveys time-tested knowledge and practices that lead to greater Self-awareness as well as skills to help others do the same. Tantra teaches that our bodies are unique vessels for our true Self and that the practices of yoga allow us to amplify and focus our creative energies so that we can more fully experience the joy of living. Not just our bodies but our whole lives, including our relationships with others, can be improved by the knowledgeable practice of yoga.

Our training program empowers you with tools to pursue personal transformation as well as to build a career as a yoga teacher. Enhanced Healing Yoga’s Teacher Training program will transform your life!

The program will include instruction on the following topics:

  • Daily Yoga Practice (Deepen your personal proficiency in yoga)

  • Asana (The postures, proper alignment, and modifications)

  • Pranayama (The energetics of breath-work)

  • Meditation (Systematic practices of concentration and self-observation)

  • Philosophy (Principles and concepts of the yoga tradition and Tantra)

  • Restorative Yoga (Focus on a relaxation and healing modality to complement more active practices)

  • Ayurveda (Principles of the holistic medical science and sister discipline to yoga)

  • Structural Anatomy (The physical properties of our bodies in relation to yoga practices)

  • Subtle Anatomy (The subtle energetics of our bodies and their dynamics)

  • Practical Fundamentals (How to observe, assist, plan, and lead a class)

  • Teaching Fundamentals (Principles of alignment, sequencing, conducting adjustments)

  • Classroom Fundamentals (Creating effective practice environments with props and other equipment)

  • Ethics (Principles of right conduct in teaching)

  • The Business of Yoga (Considerations for earning a living through yoga)