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The Chakra System: Interweaving Energies


The Chakra System maps the energy centers of the body-mind-spirit and is the foundation of yoga psychology.

This weekly series of 6 classes is designed to demystify the ancient chakra system by exploring the relationship between each chakra and specific yoga practices. Beginning from the insight that all our energies weave in and out of each other, each class will focus on how to develop a yoga practice to access the particular energy associated with each chakra. For example, to understand and energize the first chakra we will focus on standing poses, the feet, and the pelvic floor. By contrat, a strong pranayama practice will be used to access the energies of the Heart chakra.

This workshop series is a rare opportunity to study the Chakra System in a practical way that will provide you empowering tools for use in your yoga practice and daily life.

Students who complete this series will be able to:

  • Identify the major features and energy centers of the Chakra System

  • Describe how the energetic body influences us physically, psychologically, and spiritually

  • Recognize sluggish or over-active features of one's energy system

  • Design yoga practices to access and work with the body's energy centers

  • Use asana, pranayama, mantra, and other yoga practices to augment and direct one's energies for improved well-being.

No previous knowledge of the Chakra System is required to attend this series. Yoga students at any level of practice will benefit from expanding their knowledge of the body's energy system and developing practical techniques of self-development.