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Heart Meditation Practices


The lotus of the heart is where our divinity and our humanity meet.

This sacred energy center gives us access to greater love, empathy, joy and wisdom.

Using yoga poses, visualization and meditation we will gain an entry point to the lotus in the heart where our true essence resides.

In this guided meditation practice, we will practice poses (asanas) and breath work (pranayamas) that prepare us to meditate on the Heart Chakra and access all its healing and loving energies. It carries the essence of profound gratitude and connection. It is the home of Bhakti Yoga.

No meditation experience necessary. All are welcome.

Bhakti: the way of remembering you reside in your mortal self. Coming to a sense of love & gratitude for your life. If you don’t feel you’re doing Bhakti perfectly then you’re doing it perfectly. The overwhelming feeling of gratitude is Bhakti. When you can’t quite capture your heart’s reverence and gratitude- that’s Bhakti.” Rod Stryker, Yogarupa, founder of Para Yoga.