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A Restorative Yoga Nidra Practice


Restorative poses help the body heal by finding homeostasis. According to nurse April Reiersen, “Chronic stress triggers inflammatory responses, and increased inflammation plays a central role in many disease. Studies have shown that relaxation therapies promote a decrease in inflammatory signaling in stressful situations. When the body is allowed to rest we see a physiologic response that promotes the health and healing of the body.”*

Restorative Yoga is a great practice to rejuvenate your entire system and heal. By using props to hold the postures longer and support the body, our nervous system has time to recalibrate and allow the parasympathetic nervous system to turn on, while the unconscious fight or flight state that leads to chronic stress is turned off. We can consciously choose to practice a mindful softening into life and into who we are by being present.

Yoga Nidra is known as yogic sleep, or “sleeping with awareness.” It is an ancient Tantric meditation technique intended to induce full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness. As noted by Yogarupa Rod Stryker, "We live in a chronically exhausted, over stimulated world, and yoga Nidra is a systematic method of complete relaxation, holistically addressing our physiological, neurological, and subconscious needs." The benefits of Yoga Nidra meditation include:

  • Achieving deep relaxation

  • Improving the quality of sleep

  • Improving efficiency and enthusiasm at work

  • Lowering blood pressure and slowing the breathing rate

  • Effective management for stress, addictions, migraines, digestive disorders, and depression.

*Daily Beast, Restorative Yoga is Like Adult Nap Time.