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Shoulders SOS: Strengthen, Open, Stabilize


This yoga workshop will focus on our shoulders to ease discomfort and improve mobility throughout the upper body.

We tend to use only a tiny portion of our range of motion in our daily lives, which leaves our shoulders stiff, weakened, and vulnerable to painful conditions such as tendonitis, bursitis, and frozen shoulder. Tension in the shoulders affects our breath, creates further stiffness in the neck, and can even make us feel lethargic. Our shoulders also say a lot about how we feel as we move in the world. Are they rounded in discouragement and an effort to protect the heart? Are they open and signaling confidence? Are we carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders, or breezing lightly through life?

Join Anamargret for this 2-hour workshop focusing on the structure and function of the entire shoulder girdle. We will work on improving mobility throughout the shoulders and neck, and down through the arms to the wrists and hands. Our goals will be to:

  • Ease discomfort and tension

  • Strengthen, open, and stabilize the shoulders

  • Breathe more deeply in a way that energizes the entire body

  • Open the heart space for increased sensitivity and responsiveness to the world

You will leave this workshop understanding how to ease discomfort in the shoulders and with tools to maintain a yoga practice that improves mobility throughout your upper body.