Yoga, grounded in living tradition.

Riding the Wave of Prana


Prana = life force, current, breath, living energy

Prana is the energy that infuses everything with life. It is possible to cultivate, channel, and work with prana in a way that serves your highest good. Tapping into this energetic reservoir increases one’s inner strength, courage, and willpower.

Pranayama is the bridge between the mind and what lies beyond the mind. Working directly with the breath helps one move and transform blocked and stagnant energy and begins the process of inner transformation. Moving this energy uncovers habits and ways of thinking that no longer serve us. By changing the way prana moves we can begin to see our selves more clearly and develop the sense of discrimination. This workshop will develop our capacity to receive and ride the wave of prana.

The techniques we will explore during the workshop will include asana practice, chanting, pranayama, meditation, contemplation, and journaling (please bring a notebook).