Yoga, grounded in living tradition.

Website of Anamargret Sanchez, yoga teacher and certified Para Yoga instructor headquartered in the South Florida/Miami area. Use this site to find out about my teaching schedule, information about upcoming workshops, and options for private classes.


About Anamargret

Among Miami's most experienced and sought-after yoga teachers, Anamargret is a global citizen of Jamaican, Cuban, and German heritage. She is a dedicated teacher and student of the yoga tradition, and has been blessed to study with many respected teachers, including Rod Stryker, creator of Para Yoga, Manorama, founder of Sanskrit Studies, T.K.V. Desikachar, Leslie Kaminoff, Marlysa Sullivan, Susan Powers and Judith Lasater.  


Anamargret’s interest in understanding human bodies in their material and social contexts extends to the arts. She has been active in the performance art scene in New York City, where she performed in historic art spaces like Dixon Place and P.S. 122.  She cofounded the performance art group Coco Frio with Jose Muñoz and Rebecca Sumner-Burgos, and has worked with internationally known performance artist Carmelita Tropicana and dancer Julie Tolentino, as well as with renowned actor and director Cheryl Dunye in the groundbreaking film The Watermelon Woman. She is also an avid traveler and reader.

In addition to extensive practical training in the yoga tradition, Anamargret's teaching is strongly grounded in the Sri Vidya lineage.  She was initiated into the Himalayan Tantric lineage in 2003 by her Guru Yogarupa, Rod Stryker, founder of Para Yoga®, and is a Level 2 certified Para Yogini. She is on the faculty of the Himalayan Institute and is part of the Yoga International online yoga program. You can also view her Yin Yoga classes on Omstars. She happily leads meditation and yoga classes, workshops, retreats, and teacher training programs, and has trained many yoga teachers in the U.S. as well as internationally.

Anamargret is a certified Relax & Renew Restorative Yoga trainer and a Four Desires trainer.  She is Cofounder of the Enhanced Healing Yoga Studio, located in North Miami, and created Sacred Chats, a community gathering that is held the first Monday of the month at the studio and also live streamed on FB focusing on yoga, life, and everything in between. As part of her commitment to giving and service through yoga, Anamargret also founded the Legion Park Community Yoga class, East Miami's most successful and long-running yoga outreach effort.

Anamargret’s classes are challenging, fun, compassionate, and create space for students to shine in their own light.