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Hip Hip Hooray!

Tight hips trouble many of us daily with pain and limited mobility.

This workshop is designed for anyone who experiences tight and achy hips and would like to learn how to use yoga for effective relief.

Many of our most routine activities produce tightness in the hips. Long periods of sitting at work or while driving make our hip muscles disengage and become progressively weaker and shorter. Standing a long time also has this effect.  And cycling, running, and other forms of exercise that we hope will keep us fit actually worsen this condition by leading to adaptive shortening throughout the hips muscles. This tightness in the hips and surrounding muscles increase the risk of injury by straining tissues that are no longer able to move properly or freely.

In this 2-hour workshop, we will use yoga poses, various props, and breath exercises to both stretch and strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, back, and legs. By working and opening the hips we relieve pain and increase our body’s stability, flexibility, and mobility.

You will leave this workshop with the tools you need to feel better and maintain a home practice that targets the hip flexors, lower back, and hamstrings.

WHAT: A Hip Opening Workshop with Anamargret
WHEN: Saturday, August 11th, 5:30-7:30pm
WHERE: Enhanced Healing Yoga, 889 NE 125th ST., North Miami, FL 33161
INVESTMENT: $30 through August 10th, $40 day of

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Are You OUT of your mind?

  • Enhanced Healing Yoga 875 NE 79 St. Miami, FL 33138 USA (map)

Get Out of your mind by getting Into your mind. The worst advice I ever got when I was learning to meditate was to make my mind quiet. It screamed, it rebelled, it ran away from me again and again. The job of the mind is to think, to move, to go between past, present and future. To recall the snow cone you had at the fair when you were five or remember the paper you have to submit before 9am tomorrow.

So how do we get the mind still?

Well that’s why you should take this workshop. Through years of practice and exploration I’ve learned a few ways of quieting the mind that I would like to share with you.
Come have an experience of your mind at work and at rest.

Early Yogi: $30.00 (until 01/10/18)

Late Yogi: $40.00

Earlier Event: January 1
New Year's Day Class 2018
Later Event: February 25
Breath is Life